10 Days Until Hurricane Season. Here’s Your Daily Countdown…

Preparing your home and roof for hurricane season is crucial for ensuring safety and minimizing damage. Here’s a 10-day countdown with tasks to help you get ready:

Day 10: Assess Your Roof

Your roof should be inspected for any damage or signs of wear and tear. A licensed skilled roofer will look for loose or missing shingles, cracks, or areas that may need sealing. Call us to schedule a free inspection!

Day 9: Trim Trees and Branches

Trim back any trees or branches that could potentially fall on your roof during high winds. This will help minimize damage and reduce the risk of debris causing harm.

Day 8: Secure Loose Items

Walk around your property and make note of any loose items that could become projectiles during a hurricane. This includes patio furniture, gardening tools, and decorations. These items will need to be secured prior to a storm.

Day 7: Reinforce Windows and Doors

Install storm shutters and doors to protect against high winds and flying debris. Or have boards fabricated and ready to go in the event of a storm. This way you can make sure all entry points are secure.

Day 6: Check Gutters and Downspouts

Clear gutters and downspouts of any debris to ensure proper drainage. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage during heavy rainfall. If your gutters are old and damaged, it would be beneficial to have them replaced ahead of the storm. Call us for a free quote!

Day 5: Stock Up on Supplies

Make sure you have an ample supply of emergency essentials, including food, water, batteries, flashlights, and first aid supplies. Don’t forget about any medications you may need. It’s easier to prepare all these items ahead of time in an airtight plastic bin.

Day 4: Review Emergency Plan

Review your family’s emergency plan and make sure everyone knows what to do in case of a hurricane. Establish a meeting point and ensure everyone knows how to contact each other.

Day 3: Prepare an Emergency Kit

Assemble a portable emergency kit that includes important documents, cash, blankets, and other necessities in case you need to evacuate quickly.

Day 2: Reinforce Garage Doors

If you have a garage, reinforce the door to withstand high winds. You can use braces or install a garage door retrofit kit for added strength.

Day 1: Double-Check Everything

Walk through your home one last time to make sure everything is secure. Check that all preparations have been completed and that your family is ready for any potential impact.

By following this 10-day countdown, you’ll be well-prepared to face hurricane season with confidence and minimize the risk of damage to your home and roof! Call us today to schedule your free roof inspection or to get a quote for roof and/or gutter repair or installation.